Friday, April 2, 2010


Just got off the phone with Judy, who (oh so wisely) suggested I discuss the ducks visiting my back yard. Due to the monsoon-like weather here in RI, I happen to have a lovely, if momentary, pond in said yard. Mr. Mallard and his...wife? girlfriend? have discovered it and seem to be settling in nicely. They are quite charming. I will attempt to take a photo to post later...

Getting Used to Blogging

Okay, so I suppose I should explain my posting from the other day! The photo is
of me, with my son, Scott, who designed my website -- as opposed to Pete, who was helping me
at the Mac store! Now that I've cleared that up, I can begin to blog in earnest...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Learning to Blog with Pete

March 31, 2010...

Day 1.

Let the blogging begin. So here I am at the Mac store, trying to figure out how to blog. Success!
I have managed to upload a photo. (With copious
amounts of help.)